357 Magnum

The 357 Magnum when selected in the menu

The .357 Magnum (or the Smith & Wesson Model 27) is a revolver in Call of Robloxia 5, and is the most powerful secondary in the game. The Model 27 was created in 1935 for law enforcement, as they needed a handgun that could penetrate car doors. It was carried by General George S. Patton as his 'killing gun'.

Statistics Edit

The .357 Magnum has generally favorable characteristics.

  • Deals 50-30 damage (or 60-36 with Stopping Power)
  • Firecap is placed at 600 RPM (720 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 6 round magazine
  • First bullet takes 1 second to put in, subsequent bullets take 0.5 seconds to load, and the last bullet takes 1 second again to load. (Speed Reloader takes 2 seconds to reload, no matter how many bullets you have fired)
  • Reloading when empty takes 4 seconds (2 seconds with Sleight of Hand, 2 seconds with Speed Reloader, 1 second with both)

Attachments Edit

The .357 Magnum has a fairly unusual attachment selection for its class, with two unique attachments and an attachment most frequently seen on primaries.

  • Long Barrel (increases range when attached)
  • Speed Reloader (reloading is more uniform, and will always take 2 seconds to reload)
  • Telescopic Sight (high zoom sight designed for long range; increases zoom for longer range engagements)

Notes Edit

  • With Stopping Power, the .357 Magnum is the only handgun capable of dealing 3-hit kills at long range.
  • The barrel has 'Smith & Wesson' inscribed in capital letters, thus concluding that it is indeed a Model 27.

Gallery Edit

Magnum Irons

The .357 Magnum's iron sights.

Magnum Open

One frame from the Magnum's reload animation.

Magnum SReload

Inserting the Speed Reloader into the Magnum.