Constructed by shaylan007

Airfield is a medium-sized map in Call of Robloxia 5. It depicts a bunker with a crashed B-17 bomber.

Map Design Edit

Starting from the Allies side, there is a crashed B-17 bomber. It then leads to an opening in the top floor of the building. To the left, is an open plain with a slight hill. To the right, is a bunker along with several barrels, which leads to another bunker, which both lead to the bottom floor of the building. The building itself is an 'L' shape, with a patio. In the Axis side, is more barrels, a wall, and an entrance to the building.

Airfield Overhead

A bird's eye view of Airfield on Domination.

Tactics Edit

The map is very open, so in order to traverse, smoke grenades are recommended. The map is a mix between long range and close range, so a Rifle is your best choice. For the close quarters, it would be recommended to use a submachine gun, but dual pistols also work fine. If you want to keep at long ranges, a Bolt-Action Rifle is recommended, as the one-hit kills will save you lots of time with the enemy.

Notes Edit

  • This is also the map for CoR 5: The Zombies!. A revamped version of the map is also in Zombies Testing [HALTED].
  • It is one of the most popular maps in the game, along with D-Day Beach.