The Bolt-Action Rifles are a category of weapons in Call of Robloxia 5. They are high damage, low rate of fire weapons designed to tackle long range combat. A bolt-action typically deals one-hit kills to the head, chest, and shoulders. The PTRS-41 can deal one-hit kills to the head, chest, shoulders, and stomach. The bolt-actions typically move at 100% movement speed, but the PTRS-41 moves slower than a Machine Gun. The bolt-actions are fed by stripper clip (2, in the case of the Lee-Enfield), with the exception of the PTRS-41, which is fed with a 5-round en-bloc clip.

It all changes, however, when the class-exclusive Sniper Scope is attached. The snipers now move at Machine Gun speed, have extra-high zoom, and can one-hit kill down to the stomach (the PTRS-41 can one-hit kill anywhere, provided the target does not have Juggernaut). The bullets are reloaded one at a time (PTRS-41, again, reloads like normal).

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The first 4 bolt-actions are arguably identical in performance. However, the Kar98K and Mosin-Nagant have the advantage of instead equipping a Telescopic Sight. Unscoped, these rifles are best-used in a rushing setup, similar to the Shotguns, but can go long-range, and the user has to aim at chest up to get the most out of their rifle. If playing with the Kar98K or Mosin-Nagant, the Telescopic Sight is an attachment of interest. It increases zoom, like the Sniper Scope, only it does not have the drawbacks or the advantages of said attachment.

You can use the Lee-Enfield in the same way as the other 4 bolt-actions mentioned above, except you cannot equip a Telescopic Sight, or an Aperture Sight. However, the Iron Sights are decent enough for med-long range marksmanship. With the Sniper Scope, however, it will outclass any other bolt-action rifle in terms of capacity.

The only real successful way to use the PTRS-41, scoped or not, is to sit back and snipe. The PTRS has the advantage of increased damage, but suffers in movement speed and recoil.

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  • Despite being classified as a Bolt-Action Rifle, the PTRS-41 is semi-automatic. With that being said, the PTRS-41 is the only semi-automatic gun in the game to be able to equip a Sniper Scope.
  • Excluding the PTRS and the Sniper Scope variants, the Bolt-Action Rifles have the 2nd tightest hipfire spread in the game, 2nd only to the Pistols.

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