The Bouncing Betty (known as a S-mine in real life) is a type of equipment featured in Call of Robloxia 5. It can be equipped by pressing 3, and can be placed by using the LMB button. If treaded upon by a hostile soldier, it will "bounce" into the air and explode, almost always resulting in a kill for the owner.

Tips and tricks Edit

Bouncing Betties should be used for keeping parts of the map safe- i.e. a sniper's nest in the event that someone attempts to sneak up. They can also be used in game types such as Domination or Capture the Flag. Another great spot to use it in is in crammed hallways, for example, City's alleyways.

However, the Betty is not without its flaws. It can be detected by using the perk Bomb Squad, and even without the perk can be spotted by a yellow tip protruding from the ground.

Gallery Edit

Shooting Betty
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