DB Shotgun

The DB Shotgun when selected in the menu

The DB Shotgun (or the IZH-43, as referred to by the Official Description) is a Shotgun in Call of Robloxia 5. The DB Shotgun is a very iconic, yet simplistic design. There are no springs, no magazine release, nothing you would expect of a more recent firearm. With less capacity than the Trench Gun, the Double Barrel Shotgun makes up for in damage and (ironically) fire rate. It can guranteed be a one-hit kill in CQC, but has worse mid-range performance than the Trench Gun, and is utterly useless at long range.

Statistics Edit

The DB Shotgun is a very powerful gun if used in the right circumstances.

  • Deals 15-40x8 (120-320) damage (18-48x8 (144-384) damage with Stopping Power, 10-45x8 (80-360)(?) with Sawed Off, 12-54x8 (96-432) with both)
  • Fires at 320 RPM (384 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 2 round 'magazine'
  • Tactical reload is 2 seconds (1 second with Sleight of Hand)
  • Empty reload is 3 seconds (1.5 seconds with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

Less versatile than the Trench Gun, yes, but these two attachments, when put on separately, may make the gun look differently from each attachment.

  • Sawed Off (increases short range damage, and decreases hip fire accuracy)
  • Stock (lowers recoil when attached)

Notes Edit

  • Its one-hit kill range is longer than the Trench Gun, but it has a shorter two-hit kill range.
  • If you Overkill the Stock with Sawed Off, it looks like Ash's 'boomstick' from the Evil Dead series.
  • It has no iron sights, but it can still be aimed as if there are.
  • If you add Camouflage to the DB Shotgun, it will show a glitched DB. If switched back to the normal appearance, it will look fine.

    A glitched DB Shotgun with the Blue Hex Camo