Desert Heat is a map themed around the desert in Call of Robloxia 5. It most likely depicts Operation Torch from World War 2, judging from the factions fighting; Marine Raiders and the Wehrmacht. This map supports Elimination, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Capture the Flag.

Map design Edit

This map is centered around sniper combat, and can be close range in the corridors of the underground bunkers beneath the dunes. There are 4 sniper towers, one short and right next to the bunker with the 'C' flag, and 3 others in the corners of the map that are high up and allow oversight of the battlefield. In the Axis' side of the map, there are multiple colored containers overlaying each other, suggesting supply drops from Axis planes.

Tactics Edit

Most of what you do is snipe, so if you can, set up a sniper class. If not, you can still opt for a normal class, but replace your current Tier 1 Perk with M1 Bazooka x2. The Bazooka will kill any camping snipers in one hit, whether the snipers are out in the open or behind walls. Smoke Grenades are also valuable special grenades, as they block enemy snipers' vision. A Machine Gun is also useful, as they can hose down anyone not sniping, and running around. Shotguns should be avoided for this map, because of the long range sightlines, meaning that you are bound to get sniped. Long range oriented SMGs are recommended, like the Sten, and PPS-43. Rifles are also a good choice, as they will allow you to use them at long range, and have at least some CQC power.

Gallery Edit

Desert Heat

This is the map selection image used for CoR 5 [Halted].