Domination is a game mode in Call of Robloxia 5. It consists of 3 flags; one in the Allies side, one in the Axis side, and one in the middle. The goal of this game mode is to capture at least two of the 3 flags to get a better score than the enemy team. The first team to reach 200 points wins the match.

Tactics Edit

To win a game of Domination, you must first capture a flag on your side (A or C, depending on your faction). Then, fight for the middle point (B in most cases). Should your team capture B, you must put some explosives at the base (Bouncing Betties are good, but Satchel Charges are recommended, as they don't disappear when you die, and cannot be shot down). If the enemy is trying to capture an objective your team has previously captured, if the objective has explosives in it, detonate them (with Bouncing Betties, they will detonate anyway). It is also smart to throw a Smoke Grenade to block the vision of enemy snipers when you are trying to capture a base. A suppressor is also a smart choice, as it will not only keep you off the enemy's minimap, but it will also remove most of your audible cue. You may also need a weapon that can balance its performance between close range and long range. However, if you plan on just defending the objective, a sniper rifle/machine gun will do the job just fine.

Notes Edit

  • This game mode is based off the Domination mode from the Call of Duty series.