Dual is an attachment exclusive to the pistol class that gives you another pistol, which doubles your total magazine and firepower, at the cost of ADS, and range. The attachment costs 950 Reichbux and requires 150 kills.

Features Edit

  • This attachment is one of 3 attachments to make use of the 'e' key. In this case, it is reloading the second gun.
  • It takes 2 seconds to reload both pistols, loaded or empty.
  • You cannot aim down sight.
  • Gives you an extra magazine in the second pistol
  • Total capacity is doubled, along with firepower
  • Hitting Q allows to shoot a pistol corresponding with its proper button (so left click fires left pistol, right click fires right pistol.)

Compatibility Edit

  • M1911
  • Nambu
  • P38
  • TT-33
  • Luger

Notes Edit

  • This attachment, along with Stock and Flashlight, are the only three attachments that appear in this game that have not appeared in World At War. However, dual did appear in Modern Warfare 2, and in subsequent games, just as Stock has appeared in Black Ops 2, and Advanced Warfare (albeit with a different purpose).
  • In the Classic Version, there used to be dual magnums. However, likely due to balancing reasons, the dual magnums have been removed since.
  • Speaking of Classic Version, dual is the only attachment, along with Sniper Scope, to have appeared in the game, albeit as a primary class, and not in the secondaries.
  • If you count the guns that can accept 'Dual' in the pistols, the Dual category is the only category in CoR 5 to have ever went from primary to secondary.
  • You can increase the DPS of the pistols drastically by hitting Q and spamming both buttons at once. Assuming the max your trigger finger can fire is 450 RPM, both pulling the trigger at the same time doubles it to 900 RPM. This may theoretically increase the DPS of any dual pistol to 300-600 DPS (375-675 for M1911), making it higher than guns like the FG42, the highest definite DPS in the game, at 390.42-468.5 DPS.