The G36 family of rifles appear here, to be compared to one another, and to compare their overall effectiveness.

History Edit

The G36 was designed as a replacement of the G3 rifle in the German Bundeswehr. This gun beat out the G11 assault rifle due to its reliability, as well as its use of standard NATO ammunition. The G36 also has the versatility that rivals the late M16 family, having countless variants, some common, some rare, some still in service, some improved. However, every gun has something in common; being chambered in 5.56x45mm, and fitting STANAG 30-round magazines (with the MG36 featuring a 100-round Beta C-Mag).

Comparison Edit

G36 G36C MG36
Weapon Class Assault Rifle Carbine LMG
Availability Assault class Any class Support class
Unlocked Rank 25 Rank 7 Rank 33
Capacity 30+1 100+1
Damage 32 -> 23 33 -> 20 29 -> 22
Range 50 max -> 115 min 35 max -> 70 min 70 max -> 100 min
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
DPS 400 -> 287.5 412.5 -> 250 362.5 -> 275
DDPS 0.138 0.371 0.233
Fire Modes Auto -> Semi
4-hit kill range 100 studs 53 studs 83 studs
5-hit kill range 101 -> ∞ studs 54 -> ∞ studs 84 -> ∞ studs
Notes -Integrated Telescopic Sight; unique reticle during Alpha/Demo, same reticle as AUG A1 during Beta

-Longest 4-hit kill range of all Assault Rifles

-Highest DPS at long range amongst the G36 family

-Lowest DDPS

-Highest DPS at close range amongst the G36 family

-Highest DDPS

-Unlocked Earliest amongst the G36 family

-Only G36 variant usable by all classes

-Unlocked Latest amongst the G36 family

-Unique light grey lower trigger guard

-Highest capacity in-game

-Lowest DPS at close range

-Not actual MG36 model depicted

-Top of magazine clips through the charging handle

The G36 is THE original German Modular Assault Rifle. This is best used if you are conquering your targets 100 studs or farther, and has a DDPS and damage to match. However, this gun can be weird to handle, as if you put on an alternate sight, while it wasn't the case during the late-late Demo, the sight is mounted on top of the original sight, and can be very weird when trying to ADS.

The G36C is the Carbine variant of the G36 and can be used by all classes. This variant is used best in close quarters, and can wreck people in 1v1 engagements, similar to the CoR 5 SMGs of old.

The MG36 is the Machine Gun variant of the G36, and among one of the more perplexing models. This gun is best used clearing out entire squads of enemies. However, the mobility and reloading is slower, the gun kicks harder, and doesn't have the 100-stud 4-hit kill potential the G36 has.

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