The Gewehr 43 (pronounced Geh-vehr) is a German Semi-Automatic Rifle in Call of Robloxia 5. Nazi Germany is looking to take over the Soviet Russian mainland, despite the treaties with Stalin. When Operation Barbarossa was launched in 1940, the Russians responded back. The Germans then noticed a then-recent weapon straight from the Soviet factories; the SVT-40. A year later, prototypes of semi-automatic rifles for the Wehrmacht were developed, and the result was the Gewehr 41, a semi automatic rifle fed by stripper clips, featured a bolt action alternate mode much like the MonDragon, and a fixed magazine. Complaints of unreliability in the field prompted the Wehrmacht to field a second, improved rifle to replace the Gewehr 41. The result was the Gewehr 43. The Gewehr 43 lacked the alternate bolt action mode, and featured a detachable double stack magazine. The Gewehr 43 was then fielded with 4x telescopic sights, and a few even came with suppressors. However, in 1944, the STG-44 was taking hold in the Wehrmact's inventory, and largely replaced the Gewehr 43, although like all German weapons produced during World War 2, they all served until 1945, when World War 2 ended.

Stats Edit

The Gewehr 43 is pretty much identical in terms of stats to its Allied cousin the SVT-40.

  • Deals 30-40 damage (36-48 with Stopping Power)
  • Firecap is placed at 600 RPM (720 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 10 round magazine
  • Tactical reload takes 2 seconds (1 with Sleight of Hand)
  • Empty reload takes 3 seconds (1.5 with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

Although questionable, the Gewehr 43 has bragging rights over the SVT-40.

  • Telescopic Sight: 2.0x sight designed for long range engagements.
  • Suppressor: Quieter gun. Firing will not reveal you on enemy radar.
  • Flash Hider: Firing will not reveal you on enemy radar.
  • Aperture Sight: 1.5x sight for close quarters.
  • Bayonet: Stabs for a longer range. Press 'e' for long stab.
  • Flashlight: Illuminates dark areas while blinding enemy players.

Notes Edit

  • It shares the same firing sound as the MonDragon.
  • There is a glitch in the reload animation that depicts for the extra second an extra slap on the magazine, rather than the cocking of the cocking handle normally depicted.
  • It uses the same Telescopic Sight model as the Kar98K.