This page is home to glitches that are in CoR 5 and PF, both good and bad alike.

Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at WarEdit

  • You can wallclip through anything and shoot through it. All you have to do is go prone and crawl into a wall. If done correctly, you can "see" through the brick and shoot through it.
  • If you begin a reloading process- whether having a tactical or full reload- you can immediately sprint (SHIFT) after beginnning the reload process and will immediately have a full magazine. You must reload and sprint nearly simultaneously for this to happen, and it only works on certain guns.
    • It is best used without Sleight of Hand, as it makes the room for error tiny, and if Sleight of Hand isn't used it'll leave a free Perk slot to use.
  • If two players prone and crawl into each other, they can "climb" up each other for as long as they want until one of them moves.

Phantom ForcesEdit

  • Sometimes, if you pick up a certain gun, you can be flung outside the map, normally killing you as you hit the ground. (Appears to be Patched)
  • It is possible to prone dive in time to survive the fall, thus making some of the latter glitches survivable if something would go wrong.
  • You can wallclip through most things; this is by repeatedly proning and crouching while backing into a wall.
    • However, you are much more vulnerable when attempting to wallclip versus CoR: 5, and you cannot shoot and/or see through the wall for the most part.
    • This can be used effectively when trying to get in the van in Zavod 311; this is one exception for wallclipping, as it is possible to fire shots from "inside" the van, whilist nobody can see you from outside...
    • Most of the time if you execute this process incorrectly it'll fling you from a few studs to a good 300 studs upwards, and it tends to kill players. There is a one in a milllion chance to hit an invisible platform above the map if you are flung high enough. (As seen here.) You could also end up on the "Now" impossible upper levels of the unfinished buildings on Ravod if you glitch upwards enough but not too much that you die.
  • When proning on the ground, parts of your body will clip through the ground, leaving you vulnerable to bullets from below.
  • One server had a glitched player list that contained every player that had joined the server, whether they were still on or they had left. A link to a clip is here: (Appears to be Patched)