This page is dedicated to depicting whatever firearms are featured in CoR 5 and Phantom Forces, and listing the fallacies of each gun.

Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox At War Edit

Pistols Edit

M1911 Edit


The M1911 depicted in-game is the original variant, as described with the shorter safety spur and longer trigger. This particular model is anachronistic, as the M1911A1 was placed in service in the US Marine Corps by 1926, 15 years before the US entered WW2. The pistol also appears to be slightly wider than its real life dimentions.

Walther P38 Edit


The P38 appears in-game with the second WW2 type of grip, as described with its black color.

TT-33 Edit


The TT-33 appears in-game. Like the M1911, it appears thicker than normal.

Type 14 Nambu Edit


The Type 14 pistol appears in-game, with some distinct Japanese lettering on the left side of the gun.