The LMG is a Weapon Category featured in Phantom Forces. Only three weapons, the M60, MG36, and the Scar Hamr are categorized as LMGs, meaning that it now no longer in the least amount of weapons in a category- as the Shotgun category contains just two weapons. All LMGs have a giant magazine capacity of at least 100 and high suppression rate; however, they both have relatively slow reloads and noticeably reduce walkspeed.

Comparison Edit

Name M60 MG36
Damage 30 -> 22 29 -> 20
Range 70 max -> 120 min 70 max -> 100 min
Rate of Fire (RoF) 600 RPM 750 RPM
Damage Per Second (DPS) 300 -> 220 362.5 -> 250
Magazine Capacity 100 100+1
Reload Time 8.5 Seconds ~5 Seconds Tactical

~6 Seconds Full

Fire Modes Auto Auto | Semi
Damage Dropoff Per Stud


0.16 0.3
4-Hit Kill Range Approx. 101 Studs Approx. 83 Studs
5-Hit Kill Range Approx. 102 Studs -> ∞ Approx. 84 Studs ->

Strategies Edit

The M60 has a slow RoF, making it have a similarly long Time To Kill (TTK). However, it is unlocked right from the beginning, and can easily suppress enemy snipers at range, effectively nullifying their usefulness. It also depletes its magazine quite slowly, which, combined with the M60's relatively low recoil, means that it can be controlled easily. However, the M60 has the slowest reload time of all the weapons featured in Phantom Forces, forcing the user to go through many tedious reloads. These traits make it a great weapon for holding down a position, like the crane's ladder.

The MG36 has a quicker RoF compared to the M60, and includes a much faster reload time. It also has a semiautomatic firing mode, which can be useful for long range shots. All things come at a cost, however, and the MG36 is no exception, as it features slightly lower Damage, a worse Minimum Range, and most noticably, double the DDPS, which makes it less useful for long distance firefights even with its Single Fire mode. In all, the MG36 is more of a hybrid between an Assault Rifle and a LMG.

The Scar Hamr--- (Needs finished)