This is an article about the Support-exclusive weapon class in Phantom Forces. For the similar weapons class in Call of Robloxia 5, see Machine Guns.
Light Machine Guns are a weapon class exclusive to the Support Class in Phantom Forces. They are noteworthy of having high suppression effects, as well as a large magazine and longer reload times, especially when compared to similar guns.

Damage 40 -> 26 29 -> 20 35 -> 25 32 -> 23 30 -> 26
Range 120 max -> 190 min 70 max -> 100 min 90 max -> 160 min 110 max -> 180 min 90 max -> 170 min
DDPS 0.2 0.3 0.143 0.129 0.05
Rate of Fire 600 RPM 750 RPM 610 RPM 650 RPM 650 RPM
Magazine Size 100 rounds 100+1 rounds 30+1 rounds 50+1 rounds 42+1 rounds
Reserve Ammo 250 rounds 250 rounds 200 rounds 200 rounds 120 rounds
Total Ammo 350 rounds 350 rounds 230 rounds 250 rounds 162 rounds
Reload Speed 7 seconds 4 seconds tactical

5 seconds empty

3.5 seconds tactical

4.5 seconds empty

4 seconds tactical

5 seconds empty

3 seconds tactical

4 seconds empty

Fire Modes Auto Auto -> Semi Auto -> Semi Auto -> Burst -> Semi Auto -> Semi
3-Hit Kill Range 148 studs N/A 101 studs N/A N/A
4-Hit Kill Range 149 studs -> ∞ 83 studs 102 studs -> ∞ 161 studs
5-Hit Kill Range N/A 84 studs -> ∞ N/A 162 studs -> ∞ N/A

Strategies Edit

The M60 is a marvelous gun for suppression, and can devastate AR users at medium-long range thanks to its enormous 4-hit kill range. However, it is not a very accurate gun, and rarely does it kill any targets beyond 200 studs. The player using this gun is best paired with a sniper, which benefits the sniper not only due to suppressing fire, but also that the other snipers will be focused on you more than your own sniper. Therefore, it is recommended you find a friendly sniper who is willing to team up with you to gain more of his kills, and kill the ones worrying about your suppressing fire.

The MG36, on the other hand, is a LMG for offensive purposes, having a faster reload time, and a higher rate of fire to boot. It fires the 5.56x45mm round, which is less useful for suppression, and has more recoil, which can be troubling sometimes, but the MG36 is nonetheless a very menacing gun, which can take out groups of enemies with ease.

The L86 LSW is an LMG with more AR-ish qualities. It trades its high capacity for higher damage. It can be compared to with the similarly damaging Bren from CoR 5, with a low RoF with high damage. Also compared to its Assault Rifle brethren, is the gigantic reserve ammo supply. Coupled with a low RoF and high damage, this was meant to be the Support's Assault Rifle for long killstreaks.

The AUG HBAR is an amazing long range LMG, but since you only have 120 in your reserve, use the ammo wisely, despite the 42 round magazine.

The SCAR HAMR is also a good choice for heavy damage dealing. It has 250 rounds total, second only to the M60 and MG36, and can pack a bruising out to medium range.

Trivia Edit

  • The MG36 used to have a 50+1 round magazine in the Alpha, but was changed to a 100+1 magazine in the Beta, making the MG36, at the moment, the highest capacity gun in the game.