The Luger is an iconic German Pistol in Call of Robloxia 5. It was first produced in 1898, back when semi automatic pistols were starting to take root. The Luger featured a unique trapdoor action that fed the 9mm Parabellum rounds it fired. Used during World War 1 as the German's pistol, alongside the Mauser C96, carbine models were made with wooden stocks and 32 round drums. In 1938 however, the Luger was found to be too complicated and expensive to produce, so it was replaced by the Walther P38.

SLuger Select

The Luger with the Suppressor attatchment

Stats Edit

The Luger is no different from the other pistols, barring the M1911, Mauser C96, and .357 Magnum.

  • Deals 20-40 damage (24-48 damage with Stopping Power)
  • Firecap is at 1200 RPM (should you need it, 1440 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 8 round magazine
  • Tactical reload takes 1 second (0.5 with Sleight of Hand)
  • Empty reload takes 2 seconds (1 with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

Again, the Luger shares the attachment options with its fellow counterparts, the TT-33, P38, and Nambu.

  • Dual: Gives you a second gun. Press 'e' to bind your mouse buttons to your respective guns.
  • Suppressor: Quieter gun. Firing will not reveal you on enemy radar.
  • Flashlight: Illuminates dark areas while blinding enemy players.

Notes Edit

  • The Suppressor removes the Luger's front sight completely.

    The Suppressed Luger's obstructive iron sights

  • The action may block your view of the target, which is bad if you are used to spamming pistols.