"Maschinenpistole 40, German submachine gun. Infamous submachine gun developed and used extensively by the German military during WWII." - Official In-Game description.

The MP40 is a German Submachine Gun in Call of Robloxia 5. It could be one of few guns that can be acquired for free. The MP40 was known as the first standard issue submachine gun, being that it was mass produced for the German Wehrmacht. This gun has succeeded the MP18 and MP38 submachine guns then currently in service. The MP40 has several features that were new then that would become standard in later post-war submachine guns, especially those made by Heckler and Koch; the manual bolt lock, and the collapsible stock. The gun was described as being more accurate than the M1 Thompson, and has much lower recoil, due in part to the weaker 9mm Parabellum round, the magazine being used as the foregrip, and the ergonomics of the stock. After WW2, most of the features on the MP40 were being reintroduced in modern firearms, like the MP5, made by Heckler and Koch.

Statistics Edit

The MP40 deals less damage than some other submachine guns, but it has a capacity and recoil advantage.

  • Deals 20-35 damage (24-42 with Stopping Power)
  • Fires at 500 RPM (600 with Double Tap)
  • 32 round magazine
  • Tactical reload takes 2 seconds (1 with Sleight of Hand)
  • Dry reload takes 3 seconds (1.5 with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

While the Sten has the Grip and Bayonet attachments, the MP40 has the Suppressor and Stock attachments.

  • Aperture Sight (state-of-the-art CQC sight with 1.5x magnification)
  • Telescopic Sight (2.0x sight designed for long range engagements)
  • Suppressor (eliminates audible cue; firing will not reveal you on radar)
  • Stock (eliminates viewkick when attached)
  • Flashlight (illuminates dark areas and blinds enemy players)

Notes Edit

  • The maximum non-bandolier reserve ammo is 180, meaning if the MP40 fired off all but one magazine worth of ammunition, the last magazine would hold 20 bullets. The same is true with the PPSh-41, PPS-43, and Sten.
  • The MP40 from Call of Duty: World at War was capable of two-hit kills at a decent range. However, even with Stopping Power, the MP40 in this version lacks the capability to two-hit kill, unless it's a headshot.