55 studs max

80 studs min

Fire Modes
Auto - Semi
Rate of Fire
700 RPM
Reload Speed
Tactical- 2 seconds

Empty- 3 seconds

Bullet: 9x19mm NATO

Capacity: 30+1

Starting Ammo: 30/120

Max Ammo: 31/120*

*180 when combining ammo with M9,

M93R and Tec-9, 170 when combining ammo

with G17 and G18

The MP5SD is an integrally suppressed German Submachine Gun in Phantom Forces. The MP5SD is more or less the suppressed version of the MP5, with a slower rate of fire to keep the gun quiet. The MP5SD has a reputation of not only being one of the most accurate silenced submachine guns, but also of being more controllable than the standard MP5. The variant depicted in-game is the MP5SD-A2.

The MP5SD is unlocked at level 60, and is one of the higher ranking PDWs in the game, despite the slowest time to kill in class. However, that does not mean the MP5SD doesn't have its ups however, as it is more controllable than the MP5 (just like its real life counterpart), and wastes less ammunition, and reloads quicker and carries more per mag than the AS Val.

Effective Range Edit

4-hit kill range: 0-66 studs

5-hit kill range: 67-77 studs

6-hit kill range: 78 studs-∞

Maximum Effective Range, Auto: 180 studs

Maximum Effective Range, Semi: 300 studs

Strategies Edit

Offensive Edit

  • Use the M9 as a backup ammo bag, which means you have a total ammuniton reserve of a whopping 180 bullets, which rivals the LMGs in terms of ammunition total.
  • Try to use as few bullets as possible on full auto. This is especially easier since the fire rate is only 700 RPM, meaning less bullets.
  • Try to remain undetected and sneak up on your foes with the MP5SD, as it is integrally suppressed and will knock your foes off their feet.
  • The recoil on this gun is largely vertical, which means good recoil control can result in longer range kills than many PDWs.

Defensive Edit

  • Use either a faster firing or lower hit killing gun to keep MP5SD users at bay.
  • When using the M9 ammo bag strategy, catch the user off guard before (s)he has a chance.
  • The MP5SD is controllable, but that doesn't mean it kills fast at a range. Use any sniper, marksman rifle, or even assault rifle to out range the MP5SD.

Recommended Loadout Edit

Your move Faction.

In Conclusion Edit

The MP5SD is a spectacular gun, and is highly underrated, compared to the likes of the AS Val, including the SD's higher capacity, faster reload, and better ammunition and recoil control.

Trivia Edit

  • It has the same damage as the MP5.
  • The MP5SD is one of few guns to have an integral attachment, others including the L22, AS Val, VSS Vintorez, AUG A1, and Dragunov SVU.
    • On the other hand, in-game the MP5SD, along with the AS Val and VSS Vintorez, has a suppressor from the get-go unlike the other weapons.