The Nambu is a Japanese Pistol in Call of Robloxia 5. The Nambu was first produced in 1906, possibly reflecting on advancements in firearms technology, in this case, the Mauser C96. The Nambu then went on to serve in the Japanese Navy for up until 1945, when the bomb in Nagasaki was dropped, which ended World War 2. The Nambu was noted for its poor reliability, being the butt of firearms historians' jokes, including which the Nambu was the reason the Americans won the War in the Pacific.

Stats Edit

The Nambu is statistically identical to the Luger, TT-33, and P38 pistols.

  • Deals 20-40 damage (24-48 with Stopping Power)
  • Firecap at 1200 RPM (1440 with Double Tap)
  • 8 round magazine
  • Tactical reload takes 1 second (0.5 with Sleight of Hand)
  • Empty reload takes 2 seconds (1 with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

The Nambu is no different from most of the pistols in terms of attachments.

  • Dual: Gives two guns. Press 'e' to bind your mouse buttons to your respective pistols.
  • Suppressor: Quieter gun. Firing will not reveal you on enemy radar.
  • Flashlight: Illuminates dark areas while blinding enemy players.

Notes Edit

  • There are Kanji characters on the left side of the gun. Translated, the characters say things about the safety switch ("Fire - Peaceful"), and the serial number (10459).