The PPS-43 is a Submachine Gun in Call of Robloxia 5. It is notable for being the only gun to have 2 recoil reducing attachments. the PPS-43 is put into service in the Red Army in 1943, hence the PPS-43. Like the PPSh-41, the PPS has a 35 round magazine, and shoots the 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Unlike the PPSh, the PPS fires much slower, at 600 RPM, and cannot accept a 70 round drum magazine. It is also even cheaper to mass-produce than the PPSh-41, noted by the lack of wood, and being made primarily of stamped steel. It was in service after WW2, but was replaced shortly after by the AK-47 assault rifle.

Statistics Edit

The PPS-43 is a particularly strong choice in the Submachine Gun class. These stats show why.

  • Deals 25-28 damage (30-34 damage with Stopping Power)
  • Fires at 500 RPM (600 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 35 round magazine
  • Tactical reload takes 1.5 seconds (0.75 with Sleight of Hand)
  • Empty reload takes 2 seconds (1 with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

It has an odd attachment selection, and is unique for being the only gun to have 2 recoil-reducing attachments.

  • Grip (reduces recoil when attached)
  • Stock (reduces viewkick when attached)
  • Aperture Sight (low zoom CQC sight; alternate sight)
  • Flashlight (illuminates dark areas while blinding enemy players)

Notes Edit

  • Oddly enough, the PPS-43 has both the largest capacity of the SMGs, and has the fastest non-Sleight of Hand reload speeds of the primaries, and the second-fastest in the game, second to the M1911, P38, Luger, Nambu, and TT-33 pistols.
  • It is the only gun able to equip both the Grip and Stock attachments.
  • It is available for free to those who have participated in the CoR 5 Dev Tests.


This is the only gun where we had to legitimately test to get exact figures. If Lito comes out with stats in an alphanumeric layout, we will test whether or not our statistics will hold their ground.