This page will be dedicated to showing all updates to Phantom Forces.

Updates Edit

November 2015 Edit

[November 12, 2015] Edit


- Flare Domination game mode

- Round notification in menu

- Auto team re-balancing (experimental)

- Grenade indicators

- New kill bonus awards

- Shift+L for cinematic mode (hide GUIs)

- Thanksgiving theme!

- A ton of other minor stuff, too much to type

[11/13/15] Edit

- Removed possibility of teamkilling

- Removed autoteam balancing in middle of match

[1 Edit

  • New Crane Map Revamp in testing

[12/12/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • A new map has been added- it's called "Metro".

[12/16/15- Christmas Update] Edit

    Christmas Decor

    An example of the Christmas theme that was released.

  • New King of the Hill experiment!
  • British gun set added!
    • New Carbine: L22
    • New Assault Rifle: L85A2
    • New LMG: L86 LSW
  • Increased Deagle fire rate from 330 to 400
  • Increased stability of MP412 REX and increased range of one hit headshot kill
  • Increased headshot multiplier of snipers from 2x to 3x
  • Increased bullet drop gravity acceleration
  • Hopefully fixed attachment stats screwing up

[12/19/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • Leaderboards have been added. They are based upon your score per round; if you leave a match you do not cash in the XP you have accumulated so far during that match.
  • Also, Carbines seem to have their own ammo type now; you cannot pick up ammo for a L22 from an AN-94, for example.

[12/22/15] Edit

  • Reduced capture time of positions from 15 to 5 seconds
  • Added letters to domination capture points

[12/23/15 (Unofficial Update)] Edit

  • Unknown changes occurred.
    • Presumably they changed the cap time back.

[12/24/15] Edit

  • Merry Christmas Eve! :)
  • Fixed domination capture points
  • Note: Apparently the spawning is messed up now; both teams spawn at exactly the same spawnpoint, and the round ending gui is screwed up, too. It just kicks everyone to the menu.
    • This has now been fixed.

[12/25/15] Edit

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Readded BFG 50 as a powerful one shot 50 BMG sniper rifle (Rank 65 sniper class)

[12/30/15] Edit

  • Added Famas, Deagle 44, and MP412 Rex third person gun models.
  • Fixed a bug where scopes had incorrect recoil values
  • Assist points will now never exceed 99.
  • Attempt to patch health hacking.
  • Attempt to patch corrupted 1.#QNAN player ranks.
  • Players with 1.#QNAN ranks automatically get reimbursed to rank 20. (We cannot retrieve your original rank unfortunately.)
  • (There was also a ninja update where Litzo put the FAMAS to a rank 0 unlock.)
  • (Tits that bypassed filtering through unprotected network events
  • Experimental bullet whiz sounds (we will lower the volume based on our tests and your feedback. They are nowhere finalized.)

[1/21/16- BLOXY Award Update 1] Edit

  • Part one of the BLOXY's award updates! We've re-added three of the unique sidearms back from the paid demo stages!
  • Tec-9 Automatic pistol
  • gun): VSS Vintorez