Reichbux (RB) is a type of currency in Call of Robloxia 5. This system is put in place in absence of the unlock-by-level system typically used in Call of Duty (Ghosts was an exception). This would mean that by level 25 at least, the player would have bought every gun in the game. Reichbux is a rather new implication, being put into place in the Roblox Summer Games 2014 update.

Uses Edit

Reichbux is the currency on CoR 5, being used mostly for guns and attachments. The secondaries are the cheapest guns, while the Machine Guns are some of the most expensive. With players starting out with 1,000 Reichbux, most weapons are already available to the player, should the player choose them. Camos are also available to the player for purchase, provided the player has enough kills. Perks can also be purchased, with Tier 3 perks generally being cheapest, Tier 1 in the middle, and Tier 2 being the most expensive.

Controversy Edit

After the Roblox Summer 2014 update, CoR 5 was becoming widely hated, because the system was put into place. Players started getting on the hate wagon, mainly because the weapons had to be worked towards, rather than getting all the guns off the gate, which admittedly is a good balancing strategy. People then were comparing CoR 5 to pay-to-win titles, as RB can be purchased with Robux, if the player is not good enough to earn his/her share of reichbux.

Issues Edit

While the RB system is good if used properly, some guns are rather cheap for their destructive power. The Lee-Enfield is one of the most powerful guns in the game, making guns like the Mosin, Arisaka, and Springfield obsolete, and can be purchased immediately, whereas the PTRS-41, with a huge amount of hindering traits, especially post-nerf, is the most expensive gun in the game.