The Rifles in Call of Robloxia 5 are an intermediary class between the close range Submachine Guns, and the long range Bolt-Action Rifles. Excluding the STG-44, the guns in this class have a higher zoom level than most other guns, with the zoom level of the Telescopic Sight. However, if the player wishes to have a lower zoom on his/her rifle, the Aperture Sight is available for the SVT-40, Gewehr 43, M1 Carbine, and MonDragon (the STG-44 already has low zoom).

Weapons Edit

The weapons in this class vary from the sniper-like range of the M1 Garand, to the full-auto power of the FG42, to the uniqueness of the STG-44.

Tactics Edit

As far as the M1 Garand is concerned, always aim for the head at long range. It may be a two-hit kill, but if your gun is suppressed, the enemy will not see it coming. If you run Stopping Power, the gun will have the longest 2-hit kill range in the game, not counting sniper rifles. However, the firecap is placed rather low for a semi-automatic gun, at 444 RPM. This can be mitigated by Double Tap, but this means sacrificing the 2-hit kill potential with Stopping Power.

The SVT-40 and Gewehr 43 are pretty much identical in stats, only one's more accurate and has less range and the other is vice-versa. Due to their lack of recoil, spam them all you like.

The STG-44 is mediocre in close range, but in medium range, it can do a better job than the Submachine Guns. At long range, burst fire.

The M1 Carbine is much like the SVT-40 and Gewehr 43, except it has a 15-round mag as opposed to a 10-round mag, and kicks like a mule. Due to the iron sights being obstructive, it would be recommended to use the Aperture Sight to make better use of the gun.

The FG42 is a buzzsaw. However, it has tons of recoil as well. This can be mitigated by using the Bipod, which eliminates recoil when prone. It is also the only gun in the game that can run a Bipod-Suppressor combo. (As of right now, within the newest version of the game, recoil is almost not even there, so a Bipod isn't needed for right now.)

The MonDragon deals the most damage per bullet out of all the non-LMG automatic weapons. This also means it can run faster than a LMG. However, to balance those favorable stats, it only has a 10-round magazine, the lowest of all the fully automatic weapons. This means running Bandolier and Sleight of Hand is a must. Along with its most favorable attributes, it is also the cheapest Rifle in the game.

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Notes Edit

  • The only rifle that has low zoom by default is the STG-44.
  • Only the FG42 can use the Bipod-Suppressor combo.