The STG-44 when selected in the menu

"German 7.92x33mm Kurz cartridge assault rifle." - Official In-game description.

The STG-44 is an assault rifle in Call of Robloxia 5. It is the only assault rifle in the game. The STG-44 (or Sturmgewehr-44, Machenenpistole 43-44, and MKb-42 (MachenenKarabiner-42)) was the world's first practical assault rifle, first made in 1942, with approval by Adolf Hitler, the ruler of Germany, in 1944. The STG-44 fires the 7.92x33mm kurz cartridge.

Statistics Edit

The STG-44 is a mediocre gun by itself. The following explains why.

  • Deals 20-30 damage (or 24-36 damage with Stopping Power)
  • Rate of Fire is 600 RPM (or 720 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 30 round mag capacity
  • 2 second tactical reload (1 second with Sleight of Hand)
  • 3 second empty reload (1.5 seconds with Sleight of Hand)

Attachments Edit

The STG-44 has a total of 5 attachments.

  • Telescopic Sight (Alternate sight that increases zoom; more focused for long range encounters)
  • Aperture Sight (Alternate sight focused for close range engagements)
  • Bayonet (Replaces your knife; press 'e' to stab someone further out; press 'f' to stab someone close range)
  • Suppressor (Quieter gun; firing does not reveal you on enemy radar)
  • Flashlight (illuminates dark areas and blinds enemy players)

Notes Edit

  • The STG-44 shares the same firing sound as the STG-44 in Call of Duty: World At War (2008) unsuppressed.
  • It is the only rifle in its class that has low zoom on its iron sights.
  • The STG-44 is often referred to as the "STD-44" because the gun is infectious. Start using it, you'll see.
  • The STG-44 is confirmed to return in Phantom Forces.
  • It is possible to 2-hit headshot an opponent in close quarters with the STG-44, using Stopping Power.