In Call of Robloxia 5, the Shotguns are very powerful close quarters weapons with mediocre medium range performance. There are only two shotguns, but they are very different from each other, and may even suit different play styles. The best shotgun is only out of personal preference. If you want consistent one-hit kills, the Double Barrel is the way to go. If you want to clear rooms and namesake trenches, the Trench Gun is best for the job.

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Shotguns are all about getting up close and personal with the enemy. With Stopping Power, the one-hit kill ranges of the Shotguns are increased, but they are still borderline useless at long range.

The Trench Gun is a low damage high capacity shotgun. While it can still kill in one hit, Stopping Power increases that range, but Sleight of Hand is much more essential, as the Trench Gun only has 4 shells, and reloads very slow. For attachments, Grip is not the most useful attacment in the world, but if you want to spam those 4 shells quickly, the grip will allow you to do that. A rather oxymoronic attachment for the Trench Gun is the Bayonet. While the Trench Gun is already good enough in close quarters combat, the Bayonet should be essentially useless, but since there is an absence of the Suppressor, the Bayonet comes in at a close second.

The DB Shotgun has much higher damage and a higher rate of fire, but only carries 2 shells in its 'magazine.' Again, Sleight of Hand is a perk of good use, but the DB DOES have a faster reload speed than the Trench Gun, but then again, it's only 2 shells. As for attachments, the Sawed Off attachment works best, as it increases damage (and thus, the 1-hit kill range), but decreases hipfire accuracy (something you don't really seek in a shotgun anyway).

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  • The Shotguns are the only primary class that cannot attach optics.
  • They are the only class other than the Bolt-Action Rifles capable of one-shot kills.

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