Smoke Grenades are a type of tactical grenade in Call of Robloxia 5. Smoke Grenades generally contain a smoke composition, consisting of potassium chlorate, lactose, and a dye. In game, these grenades are used to block the view of enemies.

Tactics Edit

Smoke Grenades produce spherical clouds of smoke that cannot be seen through (It was instantaneous in CoR 5: CV, but it takes time to release all the gas in the current version of Call of Robloxis 5). They are best used in Domination, when they can be used when you are capturing an area that is vulnerable to sniper fire (i.e. the B flag in Desert Heat, all flags in Estate). They are also effective in blocking an enemy machine gunner's view. They can even be used on a flag you have already captured, if an enemy is going to capture that flag, and throw a primary grenade in the smoke, blowing up in the faces of those unsuspecting. They can also be used to create a diversion, so that enemy players can focus fire in the cloud of smoke, thinking you are in that cloud, but in reality, you are sneaking your way behind enemy lines. While there is a perk that counters flares, and Reconnaissance can technically counter smoke grenades, there is no real effective counter. The only guaranteed counter to smoke grenades, is throwing explosives near or in the cloud. You only have one smoke grenade, so use it wisely. If you are playing in a big map, where snipers are of really big concern, get the Special Grenade x3 perk, which gives you 3 extra smoke grenades, if you have selected smoke grenades.

Notes Edit

  • in CoR 5: CV, the smoke appears instantaneously, and is colored white. In CoR 5, the smoke gradually 'explodes' outward, and is colored grey.