Team Deathmatch (or TDM) is a game mode in Call of Robloxia 5. Each kill will contribute 10 points on the score. The first team to score 500 points (50 kills) will be the victors.

Tactics Edit

Being a simple run-and-gun game mode, there isn't much to talk about when talking about tactics. Just grab a gun, and the appropriate perks, and off to victory. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds. There will be many snipers depending on the map, so use appropriate weaponry to counter them. Running a suppressor will give you the upper hand in many engagements, because the enemy will not see you coming (unless they have Reconnaissance, which could be countered by Camouflage). Many maps have thier own ways, with maps like Asylum being very close up and personal, making Shotguns and SMGs more useful then Sniper and Semi-Autos, while maps like D-Day are made for more long range weapons, like Snipers, Semi-Autos and LMGs.

Notes Edit

  • It is possible to have a final score of up to 540 if the last players are killed by collateral damage