The Village

The Village is an extremely small map in Call of Robloxia 5. It is the smallest map in the game. It features the Marine Raiders and the Imperial Japanese Army. This map supports Team Deathmatch and Elimination.

Map Design Edit

The map is a rather claustrophobic map, with Allied and Axis spawns right next to each other. From the Allied side, there is a building to the right, and a garage to the left. On the Axis side is another house, a catwalk, which leads to a slightly smaller garage. In the middle, there is a tree. Next to the Axis' house, is a larger tree that could be used to get to the roof of the aforementioned house.

Tactics Edit

Be absolutely aware of all of your surroundings. Even on the 5v5 format, the fighting will be an absolute fight to the death, as this map is the smallest map in the game, meaning that everyone is so close. This would mean Reconnaissance as your 3rd perk, although Fireproof is a good choice too. A good close-quarters weapon is an absolute necessity, meaning guns like the Type 100 and PPSh-41 are necessary, although both shotguns are good too.

Notes Edit

  • This is the smallest map of the game, so it is best suited to bring CQC (Close Quarters Weapons) rather than Mid to Long Range weapons.
  • This map is also known to many as to be a big killfest, having almost no time to do anything before the next enemy comes up to face you, making Sleight of Hand very useful.
  • Do note that due to Spawn Shields, it can happen that you will die due to not being able to kill the enemy.
  • Bring your sniper on this map is like saying you want to die, as this map is very close quarters all the time, so getting a good sniper spot without glitching/hacking is near impossible.

Gallery Edit