Welcome to the Wall of Rage, where people post their experiences of players getting overly angry at each other. Post anything that you feel fits into the Wall of Rage here.

Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at War Edit

Most complaints here are going to be about things about weapons- i.e. "LMG noob" or "Shotgun PoS". However, it still is possible to encounter trolls, or people who go about trying to start rage in-game.


Spooky insults a player's mother.


A Marked player hurls an insult at ITU.

Phantom Forces Rage Edit

Complaints here mainly consist of players being teamed against with ridiculous amounts of players, thanks to the new 16v16 setup, as well as prone diving. Other incidents of rage include ranting, faulty hit detection, headglitching, and use of LMGs. As shown here however, people also claim health regeneration is claimed to be exploits, although it is natural on all players and is included standard in Phantom Forces as well as Call of Robloxia 5 before it.
Ziv Rage

An Alpha Tester accuses me of diving when I didn't.

Rage on this game mainly consists of complaining about ridiculous amounts of players teaming up on one guy, to prone diving. To a lesser extent, use of OP guns, ranting, and complaints about headglitching.

King tosses racist slurs.


Your average Call of Duty Pro (*Cough* Noob *Cough*) raging in Phantom Forces.

Ziv Rage 2

Ziv threatens to IP Ban me.

Wikia Rage Edit

Although rare, rage on this wikia includes vulgar and rude edits, and has only happened twice as of Oct. 22, 2015. As this wikia grows bigger however, we may experience more of this type of rage.
Wikia Rager

Someone decides to take their anger out on the Wikia.