Trench Gun

The Trench Gun when selected in the menu.

The Trench Gun is a shotgun in Call of Robloxia 5. Like the DB Shotgun, the Trench Gun is excellent in close quarters, but is slightly better at medium range and is utterly useless at long range combat. The Trench Gun (more correctly, the M1897 Winchester) was first made by John Moses Browning, a renowned firearms designer. It first saw action in the Spanish-American war, and was favored by many in trench warfare during WW1. The 'trench gun' version of the M1897 has a shorter barrel, and a bayonet lug, making it compatible with the bayonet, in case the user is out of shotgun shells in the magazine.

Statistics Edit

The Trench Gun is very powerful in close quarters. These stats prove why.

  • Deals 20-35x8 (160-280) damage (24-42x8 (192-336) damage with Stopping Power)
  • Fire rate is capped at 180 RPM (216 RPM with Double Tap)
  • 4 shell magazine
  • First shell is reloaded in 1 second. Subsequent shells are reloaded in 0.5 seconds. The final shell is reloaded in 2 seconds.
  • When the gun is empty, the reload takes 4 seconds (1+0.5+0.5+2) (2 seconds (0.5+0.25+0.25+1) with Sleight of Hand).

Attachments Edit

The Trench Gun has a surprising choice of attachments.

  • Grip (reduces recoil when equipped)
  • Bayonet (longer range stab than the knife. Press 'e' to stab at a longer range. Press 'f' for a normal knife swipe)
  • Flashlight (illuminates dark areas while also blinding enemies).

Notes Edit

  • The Trench Gun's firing sound is the same as Roblox's very own Trench Gun, but without the pump sound.
  • It is the only per-shell gun in the entire game that cannot have an alternate way of reloading all shells in one fell swoop.
  • Its one-hit kill range is shorter than the DB Shotgun, but it has a longer two-hit kill range.
  • During the Dev Tests, the Trench Gun was going to recieve a Telescopic Sight, but it did not make it into the final cut.
  • The current Call of Robloxia 5 Trench Gun resembles the M1897 Winchester, but the Classic Version Trench Gun more closely resembles the M1912.